Creative Expression 

Create with us

Below you will find different events and resources that you can do either on your own or wth family and friends! Creative expression is unique to you so we've provided a wide range of activities types so there is something for everything!  We love being creative and hope you continue to create and express yourself. 


Fine Art


Thousands of colouring pages available for download of museum collections

DIY Video

Video of  14 art projects to choose from and try out! 


Discover 25 creative collage ideas to inspire you to make your own!


Printable colouring pages from the Chill and Unwind Colouring Book


Step by step guides for your own, do it yourself,  at home master pieces!



A DIY tutorial of how to make your own dreamcatcher!

Learn to Craft

Check out this website and explore tons of ways to expand your craft skills!

Vintage Crafts

Explore 26 vintage craft tutorials ranging from beginner to experienced crafters!

Essential Oil Crafts

Here you will find 10 different crafts for you to try out! 

Photo Collage

Choose from 8 creative projects to showcase your photos and memories! 

Side Walk Chalk

Head outside and make some colourful creations with this DIY washable sidewalk chalk recipe!

Weaving Art 

Grab some yard and try out any of these  11 weaving art crafts!



Choose from a variety of Karaoke apps available for android and ios download !


Andrew Lloyd Webber is streaming his musicals on line! Check it out to see when they are playing! 

Chill Music 

Here are some relaxing songs  for you to enjoy and chill out to! 

Just For Fun

Tongue Twisters

try out a range of different tongue twisters-these can keep you entertained for hours!

Print and Play

Choose from a list of games to print and try out at home!

Crossword Puzzles

Create your own crossword puzzles and share with your loved ones!


Check out the site Sporcle for an endless amount of trivia games.

Disney Trivia

Try out some Disney trivia (scroll to the bottom of the page for a "questions only" PDF).  

 Board Games 

Check out 6 sites where you can play boardgames online!

Boredom Busting

visit this site for a list of free online  list of this to do when you're bored at home.

Game Apps

See this list of 10 apps for you to try out a wide range of games

Learn Something New

Free Courses

Take an online  course, with 1500 to chose from you're sure to learn something new!


learn a new language or brush up on an old one, BBC has provided access to over 33 language course! 

Creative Courses

10 creative courses to try out all for free, take 1 or all 10!


This site gives you tips and tricks for starting your own vegetable garden!


Oatmeal Muffins

spend some time creating in the kitchen with this  maple brown sugar oatmeal  muffin recipe!

Spicy Sweet & Me

Follow along with Nasira Jamal  in the kitchen and perhaps  try out some new foods!