Practice Mindfulness with your BOSS Team!

We've curated a page of resources that we hope will lead you to some rest, relaxation, and reflection as you explore what mindfulness means to you! 



Rest and Reflect

Kala Yoga

Check out the video classes from our local Kala yoga studio!

 kids yoga

Try out some themed yoga videos-designed for kids but fun for all ages!

Youth Mindfulness

25 fun mindfulness activities to choose from for kids and teens. 


Practice self discovery through journaling using these 52 writing prompts.

5 minute Mindfulness


10 activities to try today that promote mindfulness.

Voice Lead Meditation

Follow along to the soothing voice of John Davisi during the meditation session. 

Coping Strategies

Visit this site to learn about coping strategies that may be helpful during this time. 

Meditation App

Learn more about the app Headspace  and how it can aid with mindfulness.

Stress Reduction

Discover 17 methods of stress reductions strategies to try out.


Sensory Art

Choose from 15 art activities all designed to create art through a sensory experience. 

Sensastional Ideas

Discover  a wide range of sensory stimulation activities to choose from and try out.

Bubble Art

Try out a new art project using popped bubbles and food colouring! 

A sense of Calm

7 minutes of sensory relaxation featuring music from Rick Wakeman.

We love sensory activities but realize that it may be difficult to locate these activities in the stores. 


 So  the BOSS team has put together sensory kits that are available for purchase!


Check them out! 

Essential Sensory Kits 

$40.00+ tax- Will deliver in Orangeville!

To request your kit for May 2020 please email kimbranchingout@gmail.com