Life Skills and Respite


Branching Out Support Services invites you to practice independent living skills in a real apartment! New Growth Life Skills and Respite has space for daytime and evening activities and provides respite for families in our community.


Community Centred Care

AT NEW GROWTH We are providing service for families and participants who have some of the following goals:

  • Teens and adults who want to practice independent living skills because they have a goal to transition to group-home care, semi-independent living, cohabitation, or independent living.

  • Caregivers who need respite support for one or two nights of the week so caregivers can focus on self-care and participants can focus on skill-building.


We are pleased to be able to support a variety of diagnoses, developmental differences, as well as physical and mental health concerns. In almost all scenarios, we are NOT a crisis service, we highly appreciate you booking in advance so we can plan for your goals and provide you with a respite experience tailored to your individual needs.


New Growth Life Skills and Respite Programming is a community-based respite with support professionals who possess a variety of training and education. To keep everyone safe and secure in overnight respite situations please be advised that we are NOT able to support the following issues safely in a community-based environment:

  • Acute suicidal behaviour

  • Elopement or running away

  • Supervision around arson or property damage

  • High levels of aggression (verbal, emotional, or physical)

  • We do not have access to a bathtub in our space, if bathing is required, individuals must be able to use a shower with or without support.

  • High levels of self-harm

  • Acute addictions

We know everyone needs a safe place to grow and thrive in abundance. If your participant is presenting a danger to themselves or others, we will request that some additional safety skill building occur before they attend.


Please fill out the intake package and documentation to enable us to learn a little more about you and your participant so that we can find a respite support professional that is a great match for you!


We acknowledge sending your loved one away for an overnight respite experience can be anxiety-provoking! You may have questions and need assurances – we understand and we are here for you.


Please call Kim at 519 216 0587 when your intake package is complete to book your respite experience at New Growth and talk through any of the details.


Be well.