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The Commonfare Kitchen: Whole Food. Full Belonging.

Common means, “shared, together”. In the days of our ancestors the “commons” was a shared piece of land used for a variety of food generating purposes and shared experiences.

Nothing about this new project by Branching Out Support Services will be ordinary, though. We are taking FOOD a substance, idea and cultural importance to unite us even further into community.


The CommonFare kitchen is a social enterprise that focuses on food and food related capacities to launch employment skills and opportunities AS WELL AS workshops, food experiences and events so that everyone has the opportunity to participate and support our neuro diverse community. The CommonFare Kitchen is literally for everyone.

Cavell our fabulous manager will be rolling out our first project: PREPARED MEALS you can pick up fresh to reduce your stress and make sure your family has awesome healthy, homecooked meals.

We are so excited about the multitude of directions we have dreamed for this new endeavor. Watch social media over the next few weeks to learn all about our new services, workshops and training programs to find out how YOU can get involved!

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Meet Cavell ...

If you asked Cavell what she’s thinking about….there’s a good chance the answer would be food. “I go to bed thinking about food, and usually wake up thinking about food”

“Growing up in a very large family, the kitchen was always busy, filled with laughter and of course good food.  When I had children, the kitchen was also the place to be.  My boys pulled chairs up to the counter to help make their Nan’s melty, buttery cinnamon rolls. “

Cavell opened a café on the Danforth in Toronto, and was then persuaded to open a catering company, The Feast. These endeavors were challenging and lots of fun but, Cavell soon noticed that so many families faced inequities around food.

Cavell returned to school, to train as a community worker, and soon realized her career and life focus would be fighting against food insecurity. “Everyone should have affordable, fresh and culturally appropriate food; it’s a basic human right.”

Since then, Cavell has developed culinary training programs throughout Toronto, such as the Catering Careers program in Weston.  Working with women facing barriers to employment at Fred Victor, she headed up the Women’s Bakery program.  Workshops are Cavell’s favourite way to reach out and share her love and knowledge such as building life skills, menu planning, budgeting, preparing and of course eating delicious and healthy food.  Being able to provide and cook is a life skill that has been lost with fast food and highly processed food.  “We have the first generation of children who will die before their parents due to obesity related illness.”  Shattering info, but we can change this prognosis with learning the basics in the kitchen. 

I am so excited to join forces with CommonFare Kitchen and find out what the community wants and needs.  We want to hear from you, and have your input in creating a safe, fun and inclusive environment to make positive changes to issues of food security that affect you. 

“And of course, we will share stories and delicious food together! Cavell”

  • Commonfare Kitchen Skills Workshop - Baby Food Making
    Wed, Jun 29
    Commonfare Kitchen - Dairy Lane
    Jun 29, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
    Commonfare Kitchen - Dairy Lane, 5 First St, Orangeville, ON L9W 1E1, Canada
    Baby Food Making Workshop- Making your own baby food, is not only highly nutritious, chemical and filler free…babies love it! This creates lifelong healthy eating habits, and acceptance of new foods. Learn when to introduce new foods, and how much baby needs.
  • Appetizers- Commonfare Kitchen General Workshop
    Thu, Jun 30
    Commonfare Kitchen - Dairy Lane
    Jun 30, 6:00 p.m. – Jul 30, 9:00 p.m.
    Commonfare Kitchen - Dairy Lane, 5 First St, Orangeville, ON L9W 1E1, Canada
    Summer Appetizers- Fresh, mouthwatering and oh so pretty. The Summer Appetizer workshop covers everything you want in an appetizer. Join us in The CommonFare Kitchen, and learn 3 appetizers, along with many tips and tricks in the kitchen and for entertaining this summer.

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