Art With Brooke (online)

This event is part of our CHOICE Programming. It's YOUR choice. Meet new people, learn new things, make new friends and have some fun!

All choice programming is $15 (no tax) and we invite any community member to join! Our programs are inclusive and accessible for all ages and abilities.

(you will need to purchase your own supplies)

October 20 at 10:30

November 17 at 10:30

December 15 at 10:30

Learn more about Brooke on her website

Note that Brooke also offers THROUGH BOSS:

1. Individual Virtual Art Lessons for people with neuro diversity

2. Group Virtual Art Lessons (could zoom into a residence or a day program and do the whole group)

3. Paint nights for caregivers or staff (also virtual)

If you are interested in coordinating one of these events please email Jeff Baker

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