Commonfare Kitchen Granola Team Members

DAKOTA: Cook at CommonFare Kitchen

Q:“What do you like the most about making granola?”

A: “I just like mixing the ingredients all together, measuring them too, and seeing it all done”-DM

Dakota has a keen eye for levelling her measurements, and double checking that she has added the right amount; she provides stability to her team by sticking to the recipe!

Q: “How would you describe yourself when working with ‘The Granola Project’?”

A: “A leader!”

Q: “What is your favourite task to lead?”

A: “Counting the cups of ingredients and getting the pans ready to bake.”

Dakota is an exceptional leader among her peers, and it certainly shows in the kitchen. She is always first to gather used dishes, grab the broom, or move to the next step of the baking process. Not only is she a hard worker, but she always knows when to have fun; Dakota loves listening to music during cleaning, and never hesitates to join in on singing with us!

CHRIS: Cook at CommonFare Kitchen

Q: “What is your favourite part of making granola?”

A: “Grab the ingredients!”

Q: “What ingredient is your favourite to do?”

A: Turkish apricots

Chris has the recipe down pat! He goes above and beyond when setting up our kitchen space for the day, and never hesitates to remind his team of the next step in the baking process. When his team is putting the granola in the oven, Chris always has his cutting board set up to slice the apricots; his routine is incredible!

Q: “How does working with ‘The Granola Project’ make you feel?”

A: “Happy!”

Q: “Why?”

A: “Making granola with friends, ya!”

Chris enjoys helping his team every week, he is always one step ahead. Wether it’s counting the scoops of oats, walking to gather ingredients, or stamping the packing, he always has a calm cool and collected work ethic. In addition to that, he has a smile on his face! This creative individual even made a granola chant: “Granola, yea yea YEA!” He encourages his team and is a great leader.

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