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Our Executive Director, Sara Clarke, was interviewed and included in this article from the

"Online group, Canadians with Disabilities and Their Allies, share challenges they face"


In Orangeville, the Citizen spoke with Sara Clarke of Branching Out Support Services, now its executive director, which offers support to [mainly] the Neurodiverse although, as Sara said, “We would provide support to anyone.”

By support, she means trained support people who deal one-on-one with clients and are paid by the clients. Many of them only receive $5,000 a year to cover this service through their passport funding with the government, used to access their support people.

“That doesn’t go very far,” she said. “There is a funding crisis.

“When we’re in the field we get a sense of what’s happening and quite a few of the staff are very frustrated – the system feels broken. We have many fantastic people do their best for connection.”

Another important issue for this disability, for funding model is a lot of people who have aging caregivers and a housing crisis worry what will happen when those caregivers can no longer do that.

Said Sara, “We look at our past history of people with disability, when eugenics was a real thing and we’re at risk of going back to that again.”

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