Our Resilient Community in Summer 2020.

Not so long a go a beautiful group of people sat together and thoughtfully started planting seeds for a dream that we now recognize as Branching Out Support Services, or BOSS. When we found our feet and started using the the motto COMMUNITY. CHOICE. CREATIVITY. to describe who we are, what we do, and what we hold dear to our hearts I don't think we really knew how profound those 3 words would become to us.  Over the past couple weeks this team has given a lot to thinking creatively about HOW we can continue to support and build community while providing your family with as much choice as possible. We have learned A LOT over the last weeks about ourselves, our families, our communities and our world as we navigate a covid19 environment. We are still learning what is best - and we trust you to know what is best for your family. As we move forward we hope to enhance and support the decisions you are making by offering some fun and creative programming options starting June 15, 2020 and carrying on through the summer. We are EXCITED about creating virtual programming with a few of our community partners that we all know and love. We are excited about our new Life Enrichment Boxes that will bring the program to YOU! We are excited to offer some in person service, where appropriate and when we can do so safely. THIS is hybrid programming. Please share this post and our links with other families that may benefit. The really great thing about online programming is that you can do it from anywhere! We are happy to extend our classes to all who may benefit - so spread the word! As things change - we will likely be able to add more options to our current menu of services and we look forward with anticipation to this.  It remains our great pleasure to be of service to the community and move forward into summer 2020 with a spirit of growth, hope and creativity. Be Well, The BOSS Team.

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