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Updated: May 27, 2020

It was a difficult day when we sat down as a staff team and decided that to keep everyone safe in a time of an unknown virus we had to close the day program doors at Branching Out Support Services. After only 4 months of day program service we were faced with an obstacle and needed to decide how we would overcome it. Day program for our adults with developmental differences is the heart of our organization and it was with heavy hearts we made the only choice we could.

As I write this we know a bit more about the world in COVID times and we also know a lot more about ourselves.

Almost 8 weeks after we sent our families and participants the email that said we would be halting day program services indefinitely we have a much deeper insight into who we are and what RESILIENCY means.

Since the end of March we have clocked many hours on Zoom calls with our participants, we have made a few visits to participants when needed, delivered activity bags, little treats, sensory kits, and had some outrageously fun birthday parades.

We have witnessed OVER AND OVER the deep strength and resourcefulness of our participants, families and community partners.

The strength, dedication and inspiration that our staff team brings to the table is above and beyond. Our 1:1 family support professionals have shown outstanding flexibility, attention to safety and dedication as they have stayed in the field to address mental health issues and give respite to families.

We know the world and our communities change. Sometimes we need to change too and we will do this with deep focus on our participants and families at the center of all our work.

As we move forward into the future we are designing new program options we are calling hybrid programming as we thoughtfully combine online and safe in person supports. We will use all the creativity and inspiration we have available to us - then we will dig deep for more.

Our community means the world to us – so with safety as a priority we will continue working in the mission, values and vision we began with.

Join us on the next part of our journey. Once again,

We are Branching Out.

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